A Buyer’s Guide for Home Security Camera

Today home security camera plays a big role in our home. wifi home security camera helps us to have the connection wirelessly and the transmission of important is the high speed. It gives us quick access to storage. It provides the ability to share your information such as photos and albums with one step and you don’t need to worry about a full SD card once you program it to delete all the information after uploading it’ll do as you set.

Keep in mind that when you purchase a wifi home security camera make sure you follow our buying guide to help you buy the right one that fit your needs. Here are the steps to follow when buying a home security camera.

  • Image quality  

    The image quality is one of the major keys to consider when buying a home security camera, as we all know that a good image is very important. Today most home security home cameras have 1080p resolution. Resolution is a key factor to consider when purchasing a home security camera. The image quality of security cameras depends on the lens and also the image sensor.

    • Night vision 

    Night vision provides us the ability to see during the night the way you see during the day. the wifi home security camera’s ability to see during the night is determined by the night vision. It gives the ability to record the visible place without any distraction as the infrared light provides a room. This produces the best image that shows everything within range. Night vision improves the security of the home during the night. Night vision When you buy a home security camera make sure that your camera can detect everything even in the dark and don’t forget to consider the amount of infrared, because the amount of infrared determines by how much clear your camera will be seen in the dark.

    • Audio

    Audio is a very important feature to have on a home security camera. Sometimes recording audio can be useful to get the information that was not captured on video. The use of the audio is to trigger video recording that helps to not miss a helpful detail that occurs before detecting the motion. Your home camera must have built-in speakers and a microphone so that you communicate with whoever the home security camera is on via its mobile app or any device that will be connected.

    • Angle 

    When buying a home security camera, you must consider the angle of it. The large view depends on the size of the image sensor and also the focal length of the camera lens.

    • Storage

    The good thing with a home security camera is the storage is, that it has two categories. We have the local and cloud. The local storage can either be built into the camera in form of a micro-SD card or a hard disk. With the local storage, the information is recorded direly to the micro SD card or hard drive whereas in cloud storage the information is uploaded automatically to the cloud server which doesn’t have a paid subscription and it gives the ability to see the information wherever will be. Keep in mind that a camera with both methods will be more helpful in case one fails you can use the other one as a backup.

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